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Other Approaches to Eczema Treatment

Beyond and treatment options, other approaches are varied. Some include moisturizing skin by bathing in bathwater. Mixing the bathwater with bleach, vinegar, salt, oatmeal, or baking soda can help with some symptoms. Another option is phototherapy, most commonly using ultraviolet B light, to relieve itching and . Finally, are administered by self-injection under the skin to target parts of the immune system that cause . .com has gathered resources from across the web to help increase your understanding of other treatment approaches. *

Remember to always speak with your healthcare provider about your treatment options.

Looking for a treatment option for moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (eczema)?

Water droplet dropping into water

Wet Wrap Therapy

can provide potential relief of itch and pain associated with flares. Read the article for a step-by-step guide to , as well as tips on treatment options that may work together for added relief.
Bleach bath preparation

How to Use Bleach Baths to Help Manage Eczema Flares

Bleach baths are an alternative treatment for that may help patients find relief. Learn how to prepare a , as well as tips for making this type of treatment part of your overall routine and treatment plan to handle your disease.
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