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What Triggers Atopic Dermatitis and How Is It Diagnosed?

While science has not settled on the exact causes of , it is known that it can run in families, meaning there are genetic factors that the disease. Environmental factors may also play a role.

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Are you experiencing symptoms of moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (eczema)?

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Triggers of Eczema

While the exact cause of is unknown, doctors do believe that a combination of factors are involved. Click to learn more about what is known about the triggers of , and what factors may a in people with the disease.
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Atopic Dermatitis

is a common and disease, and researchers continue to make new discoveries on its underlying causes. Learn what is currently known about the triggers of . This resource also provides information on symptoms and treatment options.
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Health: Eczema and How to Deal With It

The National Association defines as “the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed.” Having on the skin can be embarrassing and causes discomfort, but experts say it can be managed.

Atopic Dermatitis Stories

You are not alone in facing the challenges posed by your . Approximately 18 million adults and 9.6 million children in the US live with every day. Their stories and experiences could inform as well as inspire you.
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